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“The sense of being on a spiritual journey, and the sense of peace, as well as the knowledge that we can do extraordinary things by placing one foot in front of the other for a million steps.”

“The camaraderie and people. Our mutual struggles. Our simple humanity.”

These have been the expressions of Camino walkers, as identified in a recent study. Their experiences are powerful, meaningful and can be felt by you too.

Discover the South African pilgrimage route, Cape Camino.

Walk Your Way in the pristine setting of the Cape peninsula, meeting others and creating time and space for a personal journey and a unique adventure.

It is a retreat. A time away from your normal routine. To use how you like: asking and answering life’s questions; healing hardships and heartaches; challenging your physical ability; a space to be quiet and alone or just an adventure – open to whatever it brings you.

A modern day pilgrimage route that offers relief for the soul, while challenging your strength.

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How does it work?

On foot; discovering yourself and the route step by step, creates a unique awareness of self as well as your environment. Discovering resources you did not know you had. Walking a Camino is inspirational and seeing the world one step at a time will change your perspective. There are three ways to participate. They all include using your passport.

They are wonderful and they encourage YOU to create your OWN journey. The Cape Camino route has been identified by our team, but in no means is it owned by us. Therefore, your Camino is your Camino and you are responsible for your own experiences.

The Route
Cape Camino Passport

Cape Camino Passport

Option 1: Create Your Own Camino

The first is for the more adventurous type. You plan, book and navigate your own Camino, using only your passport, Slingsby Map and the information provided on our website under routes.

Start off by purchasing your Passport. This will allow you to receive many discounts from our list of Service Providers. More information will be sent to you and you can book with them directly. Get your Passport stamped and at the end of your Camino you will receive a beautiful certificate in honour of completing your Camino.

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Option 2: Join a Group Camino

Not all pilgrims are comfortable planning, arranging and booking their own Cape Camino experience. Plus, a huge part about walking a Camino is meeting other pilgrims. It can take many months of planning to arrange your own group, so rather Walk Your Way… with other like-minded pilgrims.

The next Group Camino will be in March 2018 (From Friday 2 March – Thursday 8 March 2018).


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Cape Camino in a Group

Option 3: Find a Package

The third is for those who prefer to get on with their journey and let us arrange the logistics for them. We offer walking packages between 1-7 days, inclusive and tailor-made.


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