Constantia to Muizenberg / Muizenberg to Constantia

Qualified Guide recommended for navigation and history of the area.

When walking through the community of Westlake, remember to warn Arthur you are coming through, prior to the time.Arthur’s number: 078 639 7037. If you cannot get old of him, you cannot walk through the community of Westlake. Also, pay attention to the map sections when on this leg, there are tricky bits.

Constantia wines are world class and this leg offers a large number of estates to explore and visit. The route guides you through the wine-lands and pops you out on the north side of the Tokai forest.  The road makes its way past Pollsmoor prison to Westlake and then takes you up onto the magnificent Muizenberg mountains via Boyes Drive. Pilgrims can either continue along Boyes drive into Kalk Bay or cut down via steps into Muizenberg. This coastal suburb is abundant with innovative, small businesses of every nature.

What to see along the route

  1. So far this has been the most walked route.
  2. It is rich with diverse sacred sites.
  3. The first sacred site is at Schoenstatt shrine, and if you have walked the day before, you are able to spend the night at the Schoenstatt Retreat. The shrine is a peaceful space where pilgrims are invited to light a candle and say a prayer. We often recognise the Camino de Santiago and the catholic church that hosts their route in Spain.
  4. Walking on through the beautiful wine lands, the Kramat of Shaykh Abdurahman Matebe Shah awaits on the Klein Constantia Farm, hidden amongst trees and streams. This is the second sacred site on this leg and Nabeel is the care-taker. He is eager to share his ancient and modern philosophy on Islam and the world. If you have an extra sandwich, do give it to him. He often rejects money, but loves a bite to eat.
  5. The third sacred site is Levis’s garden, which is the ancient living grounds of the Khoisan people. Levi grows a wonderful medicinal and edible garden, which he and his two girls live off. Levi is a practicing Rastafari and works part time as a car guard at the Tokai forest. He is also involved with different nature projects, like the rehabilitation of the endemic Fynbos of Tokai. An appropriate greeting would be a fist pump with the left hand, and to say, “Jah Bless, Brother”
  6. Pollsmoor Prison – take a walk inside the prison and dine at the very reasonable canteen. It’s about R10 for a chicken mayo sarmi and the prisoners will serve you themselves.
  7. Westlake Community – an area that holds many gems. Look out for people wearing Cape Camino t-shirts. These are Cape Camino Friends and will assist you through the community. Also, please support any local project going on inside the community.
  8. The last sacred site is a hidden Karamat at the bottom of Camp Stairs. You will see a piece of the beautiful Muizenberg beach from here. The Wine to Water leg ends here.

List of Service Providers (Wine to Water)