Whale’s Tale Labyrinth: 17km

Muizenberg to Simon’s Town / Simon’s Town to Muizenberg

Guardian guide recommended if you go over Trappieskop. If you leave Trappieskop out and walk the coastal route then guardian escorts are not necessary.

When you visit the Labyrinth you need to let Koos (the caretaker) know you are visiting earlier that day or even the day before. His number is on the Labyrinth map section. He charges R50 per person per visit. He will walk you through the Labyrinth. This is an experience not to be missed!

Either make your way back up to Boyes Drive to get expansive views of False Bay, shark spotting and almost pristine fynbos, or stick to the seaside pavement. History abounds in the architecture and local tours.  www.awhaleofaheritageroute.co.za  Kalk Bay harbour still hosts a daily catch which can be enjoyed on the pier. Whales breach and birth in whale season, and dolphins and surfers enjoy the waves. Simonstown has an enormous amount to offer any interested historian or penguin spotter.

What to see along the route

There are two options for the Whales Tale route.

  1. Whales Tale 1: Muizenberg to Simon’s Town. A 17km coastal walk, passing through Kalk Bay, Fish Hoek, Glen Cairn and ending in the navy town of Simon’s Town. This was the original Whales Tale route and offers great opportunity for self exploration, as the terrain remains similar throughout. Navigation is easy and safety is not a problem. Recommended for individual pilgrims, using their Infinity Passport to go about their journey.
  2. Whales Tale 2: Via Peers Cave and end in Sunny Cove / Fish Hoek.
  3. Kalk Bay is alive with interesting, local small businesses, as well as tourists, with many places to eat and drink. This route takes you up, onto Trappieskop pathway through typical Cape Fynbos. Be sure to stock up on water and snacks in Kalk Bay because, apart from the golf course cafe, there are no shops until the end of the route, in Fish Hoek.
  4. Peers Cave is a Khoisan sacred site and usually pilgrims will be accompanied by Khoisan guide, Ishsaqua, who performs a ceremony in the cave. His knowledge is ripe with history of our original people.
  5. Look out for the Cape sugarbird, tortoises, and snakes.

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