Green Point to Rhodes Memorial / Rhodes Memorial to Green Point

Guardian escort recommended for entire route.

Beach front and into the city. Walk along the coast and then onto the Sea Point promenade. Head round past the famous V&A Waterfront and then into the city. We suggest heading up Bree street to the top of Kloof Nek and onto the next leg. Bree street is filled with small, unique, upcoming businesses.Keep walking along the contour path towards the University of Cape Town or do yourself a favour and go and explore the rich history of the Bokaap, the city center and district 6. There are abundant tours, cooking classes, historical sites, accommodation, food……. and enough to keep you busy for weeks. But if you are sticking to the route follow the contour path south until you come to UCT or Rhodes memorial. The terrain is a forest path above the city.

What to see along the route


The famous area of District 6 was once a booming hub for local South African communities and families. Discover the history behind District 6 and the effects of the Apartheid regime by visiting the District 6 Museum which is also a National Heritage site. Follow this link for more information:

district six museum cape town

district six museum cape town



Bo-kaap is filled with 100-year old Kramats and Mosques. The Kramats, in particular, have been positioned as part of a great circle which surrounds and protects Cape Town.

List of Service Providers (Colours and Culture)