Cape Buchu: 25km

Simon’s Town to Scarborough / Scarborough to Simon’s Town

Guardian escort recommended for entire route if your group is smaller than 4.

Route 1: Simon’s Town to Scarborough.

From Simon’s Town the route becomes peri-urban, sweeping past Cape Point, rich with indigenous flora and fauna. You need to be cautious of the baboon troop who make these mountain reaches their home, but there are usually baboon guards around who will advise that the baboons will only be interested in you if you are eating something. Even food in your bag should be safe, they say. But, its always a good idea to keep a watchful eye.

The roadside is narrow so single file when walking is mandatory. As you round the corner the Atlantic Ocean is visible and on either sides of the road are kilometers of fynbos. And the road widens and there is a safe walking passage.

Route 2: Simon’s Town over Red Hill to Scarborough

You back track on yourself and walk towards Fish Hoek. After 1km turn left up Red Hill road. Follow the road for 10km until you reach Red Hill Community. The route goes through the community, but we insist on getting in touch with the community members before entering.

There are 3 lovely, young people who act as pilgrims friends and will show you the way. They can be reached via Amamda: +27 73 181 9532. Just tell them you are from Cape Camino. We suggest giving a small donation for their efforts.

If you can’t get hold of them, then continue on the tar road until you reach a fork in the road. Take the right fork to Scarborough. Or, take the left and walk for 1km until you reach Shamballah Buddhist Tea Garden. They might not be open, but if they are, pop inside and have a look.

To reach the end of Cape Buchu you would have had to take the left fork at Cape Farmhouse, which will lead you for 4km until you reach the town of Scarborough.

What to see along the route

Noorul Islam Heritage Museum

Rich Islam culture and history fills a sacred space in Amlay House (built in 1858) which is now a heritage museum in Simonstown. The residents of this space were forcefully removed in 1975 under the Apartheid Nationalist government and were the first family to move back in 1995. Spend time in this family-run museum exploring a fascinating, and mostly untold, history, shared by many South Africans. Pilgrims visiting the Noorul Museum must book beforehand by calling Patty on 021782302. Entrance is R10.

Noorul Islam Heritage Museum

shamballah tea house and holistic

shamballah tea house and holistic

Shamballah Tea House and Holistic centre

A place of gathering for like-minded people, Shamballah is one of our favourite Cape Camino stops. Situated on Redhill road on the Indigenous Fynbos Route, the Shamballah sanctuary has an immediate sense of tranquillity as you enter. With clean, open spaces decorated with Buddhist symbols and artworks, this holistic centre offers a resting space for pilgrims; regular yoga retreats, and is available for venue hire of similar events/functions. Contact Ana on +27 83 447 6040 / Or check them out on facebook ‘Shamballah Tea House and Holistic centre’.

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