Cape Camino Passport


You plan, book and navigate your own Camino: using your passport, directory, maps and the information provided on our website. The directory contains addresses, contact details, specials, discounts and more from our service providers, including guides / community escorts.

You have the option to add a t-shirt or bag tag, so you’re kitted and easily identifiable by our Service Providers. Get your Camino passport stamped and you will receive a certificate of completion.


Please note:
Your order can be collected from 61A Joubert Road, Green Point. Please let us know in advance when you would like to collect by emailing peggy@capecamino.co.za

Alternatively you can sms your time for collection to 083 99 77 404.

We can also make special allowance to leave your goods with a service provider along the route. If you’d prefer this, email us where you are going to be and we’ll find a nearby service provider.

If you’ve purchased a package, all goods will be delivered to your accommodation the night before or be ready for you at the start of day 1.


Cape Camino Passport

  • The Cape Peninsula, in this pilgrimage, enhances the journey by providing a beautiful, natural environment which is rich in sacred spaces, historical monuments, natural wonders and diverse and talented people. This includes people in small businesses which, as a walking route for local and foreign pilgrims, Cape Camino aims to provide immeasurable benefits for, bringing wealth and productivity to the region.
  • On the route there will be many opportunities for the more adventurous to explore hikes, expeditions and harder to reach points of interest. It is up to the walker to decide where to adventure according to needs and ability.
  • Begin the life changing journey of self-discovery and adventure today & unlock your inner self.
  • The daily walking ritual will become ordinary life and will open up a journey that is deeply personal. It is a time to reflect, to grieve, to heal, to discover and to grow internally.
  • As each day passes, the need to be back on the road will grow and this is what makes the pilgrimage a special journey for all ages.
  • Cape Camino is an urban walk (not a trail hike) and is a platform to showcase the Cape Peninsula.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a Passport is R380.

Purchase a Passport here

How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up and purchased your passport we will send you and information sheet.

You then need to collect your Passport, Directory and Slingsby Map from us. Either at a service provider along the route, or in Green Point, Cape Town.

The passport

Inside the passport will be a basic shape of the route with a space on each leg for a stamp. Some stamps are unique to their owner, while others have the name of each Leg on them.

Your unique number

This is your identity / passport number.

Route online and maps

There are 7 official legs of the Cape Camino route, with 3 extensions in between. All are manageable with map navigation only, but we do recommend guides on some of the legs, especially if you are walking alone.

3 types of Maps you can use

  1. We are proud to say our route is marked (manually) on Peter Slingsby’s waterproof map of the Cape Peninsula. Peter is the last cartographer left in South Africa and has an array of beautifully detailed maps.
  2. On some legs, the Slingsby Map is not detailed enough so we include map sections which have been screen shotted off google maps. These are sent as links in the email after you’ve bought your passport. You’ll receive them in your info pack if you’ve ordered a package.
  3. Google Maps can be found under route. We suggest familiarising yourself with Google Maps going about your journey.

Guide book coming soon!

What are the benefits of having a passport?

1. Discounts / Value-Adds

It is compulsory for Products and Service Providers on the Cape Camino website (i.e. establishments and shops) to offer some sort of discount/value-add to pilgrims who have purchased a pilgrim passport. Community projects and sacred sites which require entry fees will not offer a discount.

Our list of discounts is growing everyday as new Service Providers sign up. Our categories are:

Sacred Sites , Food & Restaurants , Accommodation , Activities , Roaming.

Your Directory will assist with planning where you sleep, eat and do activities.

2. A relationship with other pilgrims and Service Providers.

Pilgrims can share experiences, make plans to meet up on the route, locally, and reconnect if foreign travellers.

Service providers can offer local information and events and specials to members throughout the year. Wine making season, Whales in the Bay, fynbos blooming, extra good catch at the harbour, etc.

Cape Camino will also post events and new developments like new routes opening up, new Service Providers and establishments.

3. Getting it stamped along the way.

What an achievement to have completed Africa’s first Camino!

Find other pilgrims to join you

Join the Camino SA Forum on Facebook to connect with other pilgrims who are walking or wanting to walk during the same time as you.

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