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Unitarian Community of Cape Town

64 Hout St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa
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Our focus is to support and encourage the unique personal religious, spiritual and life journey of each individual.


Rhodes Memorial to Constantia Nek / Constantia Nek to Rhodes Memorial

Guardian guide recommended for entire route (if you are not comfortable with the footpaths on the slopes of Table Mountain)

From the cable car at the foot of table mountain walk along the contour path towards the University of Cape Town or Rhodes memorial. The terrain is a forest path above the city heading south and passes over the very beautiful Kirstenbosch Gardens where you can pop in for something to eat and drink or simply rest in the peaceful, natural environment.  For the mountain climbing enthusiast, there are routes up into the gorges that take you on top of Table mountain or alternatively stick with the gentle contour path all the way back to Constantia Nek. For basic navigation – use google maps above.

What to see along the route

  1. No matter what time of year you walk, the Mountain Shade leg is always at its best. The beginning of this route shares is path with popular walking trails on the slopes of Table Mountain, which are often the exercise grounds for local Captonians.
  2. The path from Rhodes Memorial takes you up for about an 800m direct incline until you reach the Table Mountain Contour Path. Take as many stops as you like and have your breath taken away each time you turn to face the Southern Suburbs and beyond. The panoramic views are inspiring!
  3. The Contour Path holds wondrous magic and life, all kept in by a canopy of forested trees. It is also quite difficult to navigate if you are not from Cape Town and don’t know your bearings, so we recommend a guide on this leg to show you the way.
  4. You will walk above Newlands Forest, which lies at a natural transition zone between endangered Granite Fynbos and Peninsula Shale Fynbos in an area that also originally supported large indigenous Fynbos.
  5. Look out (and down) for the beautiful, well-kept Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, which was the first botanical garden in the world to be devoted to a country’s indigenous flora. It is also a Nature Reserve and home to many indigenous plants and animals like the Steenbok and Cape Sugarbird.
  6. Waterfalls are abundant on this route and the mountain water is sweet and fresh to taste. Drink as much water from these waterfalls as you can!
  7. Remember Constantia Road is a Main Road so walking single file is imperative. Pop into the different wine farms while making your way down to Schoenstatt, a sacred site which hosts a Catholic Shrine and also marks the beginning of the Wine to Water leg.


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