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5 Day 4 Night Camino

Rhodes Memorial

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A Camino is a retreat.

A time away from your normal routine. To use how you like: asking and answering life’s questions; healing hardships and heartaches; challenging your physical ability; a space to be quiet and alone or just an adventure – open to whatever it brings you. Walk Your Way


What’s on the route?

  • Diverse sacred spaces found on the peninsula
  • Micro business service providers. Meet the locals.
  • Exquisite terrain
  • Fauna and Flora

What’s included?

  • 5 day walking experience on Cape Camino route
  • 3 days guided 2 days self guided
  • 4 nights accommodation backpacker/homestay or upgrade to guesthouse
  • Cape Camino Passport, Slingsby waterproof map, Cape Camino buff

What’s NOT included?

  • T-shirt, meals, beverages, transport, spending money or tips.

Cape Camino Passport map and t-shirt

Day 0 – Getting started

We will deliver the following to your accommodation the day before you start.

  • Your Cape Camino passport
  • Your map
  • Your itinerary
  • Your buff

Day 1 ‘Mountain Shade’ Rhodes Memorial / Kirstenbosch Gardens to Constantia

  • 16km
  • Cape Camino Leg: A Guided Leg.

Meet at Rhodes Memorial in the morning. Or if you stayed near the Kirstenbosch Gardens you’ll head up through the gardens and on to the footpath that runs along Table Mountain.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is very well maintained and they extend this care to flora that surrounds the boardwalks that run along the slopes of the mountain.

The pathway is clearly marked and is met with several waterfalls along the way. The end of this leg can get hot, so we suggest you leave early to make it to Constantia by midday.

You’ll visit a charming little shrine on the Schoenstatt Estate. Stop in at Groot Constantia Wine Farm for wine tasting or a meal. There are two restaurants on the property, Jonkershuis and Simon’s restaurant.

Another 2-3km to your accommodation.

  • Accommodation: Backpacker/homestay/guesthouse
  • Sacred Sites: Living grounds of the Khoisan, Schoenstatt Shrine


Day 2 ‘Wine to Water’ Constantia to Muizenberg / Kalk Bay

  • 20/22km
  • Cape Camino Leg: A Guided Leg.

Rich in diversity, this leg starts in the luscious Constantia Valley and wends it way to the bohemian town of Muizenberg or the bustling seaside town of Kalk Bay.

You’ll visit a Kramat on Klein Constantia Farm and meet local individuals who will tell you about their history, their communities and practices. You’ll pass Pollsmoor Prison where Nelson Mandela was transferred to in the 1980’s. You’ll also visit the community of Westlake where a local resident will escort you through the community.

This experience is often a highlight for pilgrims. A hidden Kramat lies at the bottom of the steps you’ll head down to reach the village of Muizenberg. We have lovely shared backpacker accommodation in Muizenberg. Just another 2,5km along a coastal walkway to Kalk Bay, where shopping and eating awaits you.

  • Accommodation: Backpacker/homestay/guesthouse
  • Sacred Sites: Schoenstatt Shrine, Kramat, Levi’s Garden
  • Community: Community of Westlake

Whales Tale

Day 3 ‘Whales Tale Labyrinth’ Muizenberg / Kalk Bay to Simon’s Town

  • 14/16km
  • Cape Camino Leg: A Self Guided Leg.

The labyrinth route takes you into and through St James, Kalk Bay, Fish Hoek, Glen Cairn and Simon’s Town. Sleepy and retiring St James is well known for the tidal pool enjoyed by locals every morning, even in winter. The route climbs Kalk Bay Nek, known as Trappies Kop and into the valley over the hill. This valley is residential and hosts a friendly golf course which makes an excellent stop for coffee and canteen type food, at great prices. After resting here the pilgrim turns back to the seaside into Fish Hoek and follows the coast to Glen Cairn.

At the Glen Cairn Rotary club, Koos Burger has built South Africa’s largest Fynbos Labyrinth which he shows to pilgrims with great pride and enthusiasm. Labyrinths are a Celtic Sacred symbol but are found worldwide in a number of different forms and locations.

The Pilgrim leaves the Labyrinth, and continues alongside the sea into Simon’s Town; an historical suburb rich with architecture and history evident along the main road. There are also many Islamic sacred sites in this small town, making it a great example of the diverse cultures living side by side on the peninsula.

  • Accommodation: Backpacker/homestay/guesthouse
  • Note: This route is slightly shorter and mostly flat, so take your time at the Labyrinth.
  • Sacred Sites: Labyrinth, Nooril Heritage Museum, Simon’s Town


Day 4 ‘Cape Buchu’ Simon’s Town to Scarborough

  • 25km
  • Cape Camino Leg: A Self Guided Leg.

After Simon’s Town, the landscape becomes rough and wild. The wind picks up and the seas throw boulders onto the sand. Penguins are on the beaches and baboons and buck are on the hill sides.

The indigenous flora is in full bloom around Cape Point as the walker sets off to cross to the Atlantic side of the peninsula heading to Scarborough.

On this leg you will find Shamballah; a Buddhist Tea house, in contrast to the wild terrain, a peaceful space to rest.. Cape Buchu ends in Scarborough, a community of nature conservationists, more wild seas and giant black mussels.

The locals accommodate the Cape Camino explorer in generosity and style. There is music and good food all week-end and Sunday evening, a fish braai. Winters and week days are more sleepy.

  • Accommodation: Backpacker/homestay/guesthouse
  • Note: Watch out for cars.

Lady Lighthouse

Day 5 ‘Lady Lighthouse’ Scarborough to Noordhoek

  • 18km
  • Cape Camino Leg: A Guided Leg.

A guided route that goes mostly along the icy Atlantic ocean. Scarborough into Misty Cliffs is quiet and peaceful. At Misty Cliffs you’ll head down onto the beach and walk along boulders to get off the road. Theres something eery about Misty Cliffs, with empty houses and crushing seas. Look out for little sea creatures on the rocks.

Witsand beach will take you to Soetwater Resort, a seaside campsite which bustles in the weekends but is desolate during the week. Look out for kelp collectors, who collect kelp to produce household products. Once you reach Kommetjie lighthouse its time for lunch, so head into the tiny little town of Kommetjie and pick up a fresh bread/pie from the deli or sit down for something warm. The last 7km stretch is all beach walking, across Long Beach and then Noordhoek Beach until reaching Noordhoek car park where you will end the Lady Lighthouse Leg.

  • Note: Lots of beach walking, your calves may hurt at the end of the day. Transport for your own account.
  • Sacred Sites: Khoisan living grounds
  • End: Noordhoek Car Park. Transport for your own account, we suggest Uber.

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