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Today I came across a quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin – “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” The third is for those who prefer to get on with their journey and let us arrange the logistics for them. We offer walking packages between 1-7 days, inclusive and tailor-made.

I love it, because it gives me my personal power back; back from the group, from the status quo, from the mob. I can take my power back from what others expect, desire and insist from me. Even if they are more than me, even if they are many, and I am just one. Even if they have sharp teeth, blood lust and strong limbs. Even if I am a lamb who appears weak and alone and vulnerable. I am well armed because I am Liberty.

South Africans have been waiting, and watching eagerly the outcome of the ANC elections. Whoever wins the votes will dictate who gets to lick the pot. Americans have recently voted in a man who has dictated division, hatred, destruction. Britain too, has democratically chosen racism and exclusion.
So where is Liberty? She contests the vote, the voice, of society, who speak of greed, doom, fear, lack, anger, suspicion, hatred. She is inside the individual, every one of us. She is well-armed with her natural state of wellbeing. With her natural instincts to create, care, expand. You and I are Liberty, living our own lives, moment by moment, in a way that brings soothing, happiness, joy – our natural state.

Listen, carefully for the voice of Liberty all over the world, well-armed, contesting the vote of democracy. She speaks of forgiveness, peace, humanity. She is forgoing money and status for community and love. She is inventive, resourceful and optimistic. Qualities found only in the human heart, not on a ballot paper.

It will be a good life when, every day, I am Liberty walking my own road, sometimes alone, and sometimes in community, but always with my own points of navigation. Only then can I appreciate myself fully, because only then will I be responsible for my journey, and all the details of the trip.

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on Dec 20, 2017

Gabrielle is a South African woman intrigued by and committed to peace and community in our magnificent land. She believes that South Africa has wealth beyond our dreams. With individual responsibility, community participation and committed leadership we can all thrive.